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Bud Conrad Profiting from the Worlds Economic Crisis. Finding Investment Opportunities by Tracking Global Market Trends

Praise for Profiting From the Worlds Economic Crisis «Someone is going to make money in the next decade. Perhaps Bud will help you find your way.» —Jim Rogers, cofounder, Quantum Fund; author, A Gift to My Children «Where everyone today has an opinion on everything, much of it gleaned from a blog, Bud Conrads constant mantra is What does the data say? And then he rolls up his sleeves and works almost around the clock for as many days as it takes to get to a defensible answer. In other words, there are those who talk, and those who do. Bud does. In Profiting from the Worlds Economic Crisis, Bud tells you what the data shows about the risks and opportunities just ahead. Youll want to pay attention.» —David Galland, Managing Editor, The Casey Report «Bud Conrads book is a brutally honest journey into the future. Honest because Bud builds on facts, not popular opinion; brutal as he¿illustrates the logical consequences as global dynamics play out. You cant afford not to read this book.» —Axel Merk, President and Chief Investment Officer, Merk Mutual Funds; author, Sustainable Wealth «This book could not be better timed, as the government and Wall Street do their best to convince the public that the financial storm has passed. Bud Conrad begs to differ and using his unique ability to take complex data and distill it into straightforward charts, he not only explains how the hurricane developed, but why its far from over. He then goes on to show investors not just how to survive the storms resurgence, but how to prosper.» —Steve Henningsen, Chief Financial Strategist, The Wealth Conservancy «Right now you may be asking yourself Whats going to happen to the economy, why is it happening, and what can I do to profit from it? As far as Im concerned, Bud has the correct answers to these questions. Among other things, this book will become the reference book for data and charts that economists and investors will go to for years to come. I urge you to read this book—now—and act on its advice.» —DOUG CASEY, Chairman, Casey Research, bestselling author, Crisis Investing

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James Trippon Becoming Your Own China Stock Guru. The Ultimate Investors Guide to Profiting from Chinas Economic Boom

In Becoming Your Own China Stock Guru, James Trippon, who runs the largest independent equity investment research firm in Mainland China, reveals how to profit from the investment opportunities available in the rise of the world’s newest economic superpower. Trippon has invested in the Chinese market for more than twenty years and made his clients millions of dollars in the process. Now, with this new book, he offers you detailed guidance on how to profit from this significant financial opportunity.

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Robert Kolb W. Lessons from the Financial Crisis. Causes, Consequences, and Our Economic Future

The worlds best financial minds help us understand todays financial crisis With so much information saturating the market for the everyday investor, trying to understand why the economic crisis happened and what needs to be done to fix it can be daunting. There is a real need, and demand, from both investors and the financial community to obtain answers as to what really happened and why. Lessons from the Financial Crisis brings together the leading minds in the worlds of finance and academia to dissect the crisis. Divided into three comprehensive sections-The Subprime Crisis; The Global Financial Crisis; and Law, Regulation, the Financial Crisis, and The Future-this book puts the events that have transpired in perspective, and offers valuable insights into what we must do to avoid future missteps. Each section is comprised of chapters written by experienced contributors, each with his or her own point of view, research, and conclusions Examines the market collapse in detail and explores safeguards to stop future crises Encompasses the most up-to-date analysis from todays leading financial minds We currently face a serious economic crisis, but in understanding it, we can overcome the challenges it presents. This well-rounded resource offers the best chance to get through the current situation and learn from our mistakes.

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Godfrey Bernard Nyamushamba Impact of Zimbabwe Economic Crisis on Tourism Viability

The study investigated the impact of Zimbabwe's economic crises on tourism viability from 2000-2010. Data were collected through questionnaires, in depth interviews and document analysis and analysed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 13. The study revealed that tourism was negatively affected by the economic crisis. It is concluded that the economic crisis impacted on tourism viability as evidenced by the low volumes of tourists. Recommendations drawn from this research are that there is need by government to develop tourism - related sectors that include transport, infrastructure development and information communication technology. The government should make sure that airports are refurbished to attract more tourists. The need for a conducive investment climate is important for the tourism sector as it is for all other sectors of the economy.

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Tibebu Aragie Impact Foreign Direct Investment on Domestic Private in Ethiopia

Master's Thesis from the year 2014 in the subject Business economics - Economic Policy, grade: very good, , course: Msc in Economic Policy Analysis, language: English, abstract: The study was conducted to know the interrelationship between foreign direct investment and domestic private investment. The researcher employs a vector auto-regressive model with appropriate investigation of impulse response and variance decomposition. In addition, the researcher computes descriptive analysis. The study used time series data ranging from, 1970-2012 for econometric analysis and 1992-2012 for descriptive analysis.The result shows that foreign direct investment crowds-out domestic private investment. In addition, foreign direct investment does not have significant effect on economic growth. Secondly, Domestic private investment complements growth trajectory. However, expansion of domestic private investment does not welcome foreign direct investment.

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Elena Lvova Integration of the Ukraine to economic system by means special investment regimes

Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: The purpose of the thesis is theoretical grounding and working out some practical recommendations on the Ukraine integration to the world economic system through the special investment regime. The subject of the thesis is the economic and organizational elements for the Ukraine integration to the world economic system through the special investment regime. The object of the thesis is the National economy of Ukraine as a whole and that of the Donetsk region. The theoretical and methodological basis of the investigation includes some methods of theoretical generalization, system analysis, synthesis (to study the integration processes in the world economic system), statistical analysis ( to study the world integration development as well as the investment situation in Ukraine) and those of simulating the economic processes (while working out the approaches to the efficiency estimate of functioning the territories with special investment regime as a social-economic model). In the thesis investigated theoretical approaches to the analysis of integration national economies to the world economic system, the role of territories with the special investment regime in the development of integration processes. Analyzed the world investment processes, situation and activation allowing of investment process in Ukraine and investigated the role of special economic zones and territory of priority development in the foreign investment as the regional aspect of world in...

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Sean Brodrick The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide. Smartest Money Moves to Prepare for Any Crisis

From the investment experts at Weiss Research, the ultimate guide to preparing for and profiting during a disaster of any kind Life is unpredictable. Economic and natural disasters can happen anytime and anywhere. The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide: The Smartest Money Moves to Prepare for Any Crisis describes the simple things people can do today to prepare for anything and everything that life might throw at them tomorrow. It also offers comprehensive advice on how to profit during a market collapse, energy crisis, or natural disaster. The guide Explains how to invest in todays new, more turbulent financial landscape Reveals what can be used as money should the dollar lose its value How to cut home energy costs, and why its prudent to stock up on supplies in preparation for natural disasters Panicking during a disaster wont solve anything. Be prepared for any number of potential economic calamities and natural disasters with The Ultimate Suburban Survivalist Guide.

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Peter Treadway T. Investing in the Age of Sovereign Defaults. How to Preserve your Wealth Coming Crisis

Acclaimed investment experts Peter Treadway and Michael Wong explain how to protect your investments—and even profit—from the coming sovereign default crises A major sovereign default crisis is looming for the so-called developed economies of the world. The result will be a major redistribution of economic wealth and an overhaul of the international financial system on an epic scale. Investing in the Age of Sovereign Defaults: How to Preserve your Wealth in the Coming Crisis explains what lies ahead, and offers invaluable suggestions to help investors avoid massive losses. Explains why the West is headed for a major default crisis and how investors can protect themselves Contends that the value of gold will continue to rise and that sooner or later government debt, including that of the U.S. and Japan, will be shunned Written by investment experts Peter Treadway and Michael Wong The days of the economic status quo are coming to an end. Investing in the Age of Sovereign Defaults shows investors whats coming and what investors must do if they want to escape unscathed.

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Malte Vieth From Basel II to III. Would Investment Banking be preferred under II.

Master's Thesis from the year 2013 in the subject Economics - Finance, grade: 1,7, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, language: English, abstract: In the year 2007 the first bad signs appeared which predicted that something is happening inglobal financial markets. An asset-bubble in the US housing market started to bust and thatevent had generated fatal consequences not only for the US, but also for the rest of the world.Several major peaks characterize the recent financial crisis, also named subprime crisis, suchas the country default of Iceland (though subprime crisis was not the main cause) or thenationalization of the mortgage corporations Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae by the USgovernment. Certainly, no one forgets the queues of people waiting outside the branches ofthe British bank Northern Rock to withdraw their savings from the bank as a result of rumorsabout liquidity problems of this institution. Some of the biggest Investment Banks in theworld experienced serious difficulties with reference to their liquidity situation and wereacquired by other banks. JPMorgan Chase bought the traditional US Investment Bank BearStearns and Bank of America merged with the US Investment Bank Merrill Lynch. Clearly,one of the most important events in the course of the subprime crisis was the collapse of theUS Investment Bank Lehman Brothers which happened on 15th September 2008.Especially Investment Banks were hit hard by the subprime crisis and also the InvestmentBanking divisions ...

2714 РУБ



Tulus Tambunan Global Economic Crisis and ASEAN Economy

This book is about the global economic crisis occurred in the period 2008-2009 with the reference to the economy of member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The main reason that this book focuses on ASEAN is simply because since 1990 until today the region has been hit by two big economic crisis. The first one was known as the Asian financial crisis happened in 1997-1998, which is considered merely as a regional economic crisis since it was originated within the region and its has not really produced a global economic recession. The second one was that in 2008-09, which started first in 2007 as a huge financial crisis in the United States (US) and then spread worldwide. The experiences with these two big economic crises strongly suggest that the economy of many ASEAN member countries, especially Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines is vulnerable to any economic shocks; although the level of vulnerability to economic crises may vary by country.

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Adrian Wille Current Account Imbalances of Selected Middle Eastern Countries

Seminar paper from the year 2011 in the subject Economics - Finance, grade: 1,0, Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, course: The Middle East in the World Economy, language: English, abstract: Discussions on global economic imbalances and adjustment have become highly valued and popular nowadays. The worldwide financial crisis, European crisis and China's rise to an economic world ower have particularly brought these issues to light. China is thought to boost its exports through an artificial low exchange rate, Germany is accused of profiting from the common European currency and money policy through high competiveness and the USA is blamed for financing its excessive consumption through unsustainable foreign debt. Notable cases are also found in the Middle East. Above all, attention must be paid to the antagonism toward oil exporting and non-oil exporting countries. Their different economic structures are often the primary cause of current account imbalances. Hence, this paper focuses on the examination of two Middle Eastern countries: Lebanon and Saudi-Arabia. Lebanon is a small oil-importing country with a diverse population that experienced a period of intense European influence and which has been regularly confronted with regionalconflicts. Saudi-Arabia is a major regional power and oil-exporting country, whose politics emerge from a strictly conservative Islamic ideology. Primary attention is paid to the current accounts of the two countries. The purpo...

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Richard Duncan The New Depression. Breakdown of the Paper Money Economy

Why the global recession is in danger of becoming another Great Depression, and how we can stop it When the United States stopped backing dollars with gold in 1968, the nature of money changed. All previous constraints on money and credit creation were removed and a new economic paradigm took shape. Economic growth ceased to be driven by capital accumulation and investment as it had been since before the Industrial Revolution. Instead, credit creation and consumption began to drive the economic dynamic. In The New Depression: The Breakdown of the Paper Money Economy, Richard Duncan introduces an analytical framework, The Quantity Theory of Credit, that explains all aspects of the calamity now unfolding: its causes, the rationale for the governments policy response to the crisis, what is likely to happen next, and how those developments will affect asset prices and investment portfolios. In his previous book, The Dollar Crisis (2003), Duncan explained why a severe global economic crisis was inevitable given the flaws in the post-Bretton Woods international monetary system, and now hes back to explain whats next. The economic system that emerged following the abandonment of sound money requires credit growth to survive. Yet the private sector can bear no additional debt and the governments creditworthiness is deteriorating rapidly. Should total credit begin to contract significantly, this New Depression will become a New Great Depression, with disastrous economic and geopolitical consequences. That outcome is not inevitable, and this book describes what must be done to prevent it. Presents a fascinating look inside the financial crisis and how the New Depression is poised to become a New Great Depression Introduces a new theoretical construct, The Quantity Theory of Credit, that is the key to understanding not only the developments that led to the crisis, but also to understanding how events will play out in the years ahead Offers unique insights from the man who predicted the global economic breakdown Alarming but essential reading, The New Depression explains why the global economy is teetering on the brink of falling into a deep and protracted depression, and how we can restore stability.

2531.11 РУБ



Ariane Hillig Causes and Consequences of Economic Imbalances. Comparison US-Asia Europe

In the past ten years, huge economic imbalances among US-Asia as well as eurozone countries have built up which have led to numerous crisis situations. Thus, the goal of this book is to find out if economic imbalances are sustainable or if they need to be rebalanced? What role do distinct national policies play? The author is going to compare the imbalances of US-China with the intra-euro imbalances of Germany, Spain and Italy. Firstly, the historical development of the economic imbalances is presented in order to point out the unprecedented height of the mentioned imbalances. Furthermore, the author is analyzing the causes of imbalances by presenting the development of the competitiveness, the saving-/investment rates, the financial markets as well as the different national policies. It is shown that distinct national policies were the underlying causes for the development of such high economic imbalances. After having seen the historical development as well as the causes, the author describes the possible costs and benefits of having imbalances as well as the implications of the global financial crisis and the current European crisis. Due to the increasing globalization, the financial crisis spread fast and led to huge losses and decreasing investor's trust in European countries. This resulted in the European crisis which subsequently could also endanger the global economy. Because of the huge crisis' impact, traditional and alternative balancing channels are also c...

7577 РУБ



Florentin Krämer Economic Vulnerability of Least Developed Countries in Light the Current Crisis

Bachelor Thesis from the year 2009 in the subject Business economics - Economic Policy, grade: 1,5, University of St. Gallen, language: English, abstract: As the economic crisis of the late 200os unfolds, the need for global political, regulatory and supervisory changes becomes apparent. This paper is intended to clarify the role that least developed countries play in this process. Different channels of vulnerability are identified and examined both in a dynamic and static framework, thereby contributing to an understanding of how and to which degree the world's poorest countries will be affected by the current global economic turmoil. It arrives at the conclusion that LDCs are likely to be negatively affected by numerous structural factors and identifies low and high vulnerability states by constructing a composite Economic Vulnerability Index.

2414 РУБ



Sabah Noori Abbas Al Mihyawi Assessment of Investment Attractiveness in Arab Countries

Doctoral Thesis / Dissertation from the year 2016 in the subject Business economics - Investment and Finance, University of Szczecin (Faculty of Economics and Management), language: English, abstract: The flow of investments in developing countries varies greatly across countries. In this research, due to the lack of capital markets in some of the Arab countries we have been focusing on foreign direct investment as one of types of foreign investment. Foreign investment comprises foreign direct investment (FDI), which inflows have provided the strong impetus on economic development across countries. FDI serves as an important source of supply of funds for domestic investments, promoting capital formation in the host country. Nowadays, more attention is paid to the issues of foreign direct investments at both national and international levels. According to World Investments reports, many developing countries, including the Arab countries, have attracted only small amounts of FDI inflows despite their efforts towards the economic openness. It means many factors impede the flow of foreign capital to Arab countries. The attractiveness of investment is a set of features and factors that allow the investor to evaluate the potential of any country to be more attractive for investment than the other one. Many factors include economic factors, social factors and political factors, which lead to increase in foreign direct investment. The potential investor considers these factors when c...

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Minassian Garabed, Stoyancheva Dimitrina Parameters of Contemporary Financial and Economic Crisis in Bulgaria

Market economic reforms in Bulgaria began with a large-scale redistribution of capital in 1991, followed by a severe banking crisis in 1996. Within 15 months the national currency depreciated 30 times and prices rose 23 times. The situation was favorable for the introduction of a currency board and Bulgarian economy began a new life. However, the accelerated economic growth concealed the accumulation of excessive risks. The 2008 crisis revealed the full extent of cumulative effects. Looking for economic and banking stability the macroeconomic management implemented countercyclical policy measures, but the low demand, poor institutional reforms and uncertainty, both economic and political, was not resolved. Studying the parameters of contemporary economic crisis in Bulgaria the authors answer the following: What are the determinants of economic crisis in a financially stable banking system? How credit institutions transferred the exogenous financial shock to the local economy? What are and how to assess the regulatory measures effectiveness? And finally, is it permissible to speak about the financial and banking stability, provided that economic activity remained unstable?

7502 РУБ



Smaro Boura The social impact of the crisis on youth unemployed university graduates from Greece and Spain

Master's Thesis from the year 2012 in the subject Social Studies/ Civics, grade: 72%, London Metropolitan University, language: English, abstract: The current financial and economic crisis which has largely afflicted Southern European countries, could be seen a complex system of economic failures which have caused considerable effects in social, political and cultural level. The central dynamics of this crisis focusing on the economic and political governance which have influenced societal and individual functioning of marginalised populations in Greece and Spain, such as youth. This review examines the social impact of the crisis on young unemployed graduates with tertiary education, analysing their views and experiences about the current economic and political upheavals caused in Greece and Spain.This recession, which is comparable with Great Depression on its extent and duration, has created considerable social problems including increase in joblessness, poverty, and future uncertainty of the young populations. The increasing unemployment levels considering the fragmented labour markets in Greece and Spain have direct implications in psychological well-being and adverse effects for the integration of young people in the society by triggering the danger of social and economic exclusion. The limited job opportunities together with the elimination of the social safety nets accelerate the phenomena of immigration of high-skilled young graduates, inhibiting the development ...

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M Style Ваза - goodwomens.ru

Ваза "Gems Wide" M-Style. M-Style / Ваза "Gems Wide" / похожие. Подробнее. M-Style Ваза "Graph". 10990 RUR. Ваза "Graph" M-Style. M-Style / Ваза "Graph" / похожие. Подробнее. M-Style Ваза "Bee Wide". 11490 RUR. Ваза "Bee Wide" M-Style. M-Style / Ваза "Bee Wide" / похожие. Подробнее. M-Style Ваза "Bee". 25490 RUR. Ваза "Bee" M-Style.

Lalique | Ваза Anemones bud | BREGNER | www.bregner.com

Ваза Anemones bud. Классические, модные и поистине эксклюзивные аксессуары и декорации создадут интерьер Вашего дома впечатляющим. Дизайнеры известных мировых брендов создают продукцию, которая отображает стиль, новые инновации и отвечает самым высоким требованиям.

Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2 - To Buy or Not in Mar 2019? - Runnerclick

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Ваза Bud Vase. Артикул: 17253. Описание: Оригинальное видение декоративной вазы с пятью горлышками. Необычный аксессуар привлечет внимание и наполнит дом ароматом живых цветов.

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Вазы керамические GO Style - Лампа Алладина

Керамические вазы коллекции Go Style. Керамика это обожженная глина, которому придают при определенных воздействиях на нее нужную форму, а потом охлаждают. Древний предмет, изготовленный из нее, датируется примерно 25 тысячелетий до нашей эры.

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Категория: ВАЗЫ Производитель: M-STYLE. Описание. Оригинальное видение декоративной вазы с пятью горлышками. Необычный аксессуар привлечет внимание и наполнит дом ароматом живых цветов. Характеристики. Цены на Ваза #and#quot;Bud Vase#and#quot; Ваза #and#quot;Bud Vase#and#quot; 14 560 руб. Купить в thefurnish. История цены Ваза #and#quot;Bud Vase#and#quot; Фото Ваза #and#quot;Bud Vase#and#quot; Отзывы. Пожалуйста, оставьте Ваш отзыв.

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Выбрать и заказать ваза настольная "colors" M-style дерево 54 см. Китай 77895 в ... Ваза "Bud Vase". 14 590 руб. ... Ваза декоративная Abstraction.

ВАЗА MODERN 8.81144 SNOWBALL BUD: цена, купить в интернет ...

Купить ВАЗА MODERN 8.81144 SNOWBALL BUD можно в интернет-магазине «AP home». Подробное описание и цена товара представлены на ...

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Ваза Chalkboard Bud Vase от бразильского дизайнера. Проект Chalkboard Bud Vase предназначен для компании MoMa Store и уже даже появился в продаже. Понравилась статья? Тогда поддержи нас, жми: Tweet. Нравится. Присоединяйтесь на Facebook, чтобы видеть материалы, которых нет на сайте: Ricardo Saint-Clair, Chalkboard Vase, ваза, цветы, креатив.

Ваза LSA Flower Bud Olive h=14см – A N A

Описание товара. LSA – один из ведущих европейских брендов современного и высококачественного стекла и фарфора ручной работы. Известный ...


рис. 16. Координатная (километровая) сетка на листе карты. Дополнительная координатная сетка предназначается для преобразования координат одной зоны в систему координат другой ...

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Актуальная информация о Польше. Все о визах, обучении, проживании, предпринимательской деятельности, покупках и распродажах в Польше.

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В современном мире ваза является неотъемлемым предметом украшения и декора интерьера создавая уют и гармонию в пространстве.

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Ваза "Шиповник". Mandarina House. 20,800.00. Купить. добавить в wishlist Сравнить. Ваза Farol. Farol. 7,140.00. Купить. добавить в wishlist Сравнить. Ваза. Eichholtz. 7,198.00. Купить. добавить в wishlist Сравнить. Ваза декоративная. Farol. 5,420.00. Купить. добавить в wishlist Сравнить. Ваза. HR. 13,873.00. Купить. добавить в wishlist Сравнить. Ваза Evergreen Lion. Teak House. 2,640.00. Купить. добавить в wishlist Сравнить. ... Просмотренные раннее: Ваза "Bud Vase". MH. 9,184.00 рублей.

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Найдите выгодные предложения по запросу Art nouveau бутон ваза Вазы ... Находится: ВеликобританияType: Bud VaseStyle: Art NouveauMaterial: Glass.


Banana bud vase. Изящная ваза от дизайнера Джонатана Адлера в виде банана. Возможна как в матовом белом фарфоре, так и с покрытием позолотой. Подходит для цветов и просто для декора.

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Рекомендуем. Ваза настольная "Container Glass". 4 030 ₽. Ваза. 3 760 ₽. Ваза. 1 600 ₽. Ваза. 10 700 ₽. Ваза для фруктов "Mediterraneo" большая. 3 090 ₽. Ваза "Alba". 4 148 ₽. Ваза "Open". 4 962 ₽. Ваза декоративная. 12 740 ₽. Ваза "Paller". 5 540 ₽. Ваза "Atlas".

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Tbonlyone 120ml vase diffuser auto - Последние новинки для онлайн заказа! Купи Tbonlyone 120ml vase diffuser auto в популярных интернет магазинах.

Антикварная ваза или урна из серебра Art Nouveau style ...

Быстро и удобно купить Антикварная ваза или урна из серебра Art Nouveau style Silverplated bud vase bt Raimond Lily Shaped Vase - 173594384849 на ...

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Характеристики Spyro - Bud Vase Ваза. Бренд: STEELITE. Направление: для ресторана. Статус заказа: Доступен для заказа. ... Spyro - Bud Vase Ваза. Доступен для заказа. Узнать цену. Заказать Мой заказ. Быстрый просмотр. Вазы для цветов, для фруктов. Antoinette-Vogue Bud Vase Вазочка. Доступен для заказа. Узнать цену.

Вазы в Казани: интернет-магазины и компании …

Отображаются предложения с доставкой из всех регионов ближайших городов. Отображаются предложения с доставкой из

M Style Ваза Bud Vase — botaniqua.ru

На botaniqua.ru Вы можете купить M Style Ваза Bud Vase по выгодной цене. ... M Style Ваза Bud Vase. (точная фраза в названии). Показывать товаров по: 10, 20, 50, 100.

Модная геометрия: 10 вещей с острыми углами - Salon.ru

Ещё один испанский бренд, Vista Alegre, и в самом деле решился бить посуду. Новинка марки, ваза Bud (дизайнер Мендель Хайт) запоминается во всех ...

Форсунки Ваз 2112 BUD Touch 510 Картриджи Из Нержавеющей ...

Купить bud touch 510 картриджи из нержавеющей стали металл капельного ... выбор, в том числе форсунки ваз 2112, форсунки на ваз и форсунки ваз 2115. ... CE3 o Pen Bud Touch Style аккумулятор Mini CE3 280mah E Cigs 510 ...

Торговая марка пива «BUD» - Created by Propivo.com - In category ...

Торговая марка Bud концерна Anheuser-Busch InBev была разработана как ... Anheuser-Busch InBev становится самым крупным производителем пива в ...

Вазы - страница 25 | Каталог

Купить M-Style Ваза "Bud Vase&quot, за 14 560 руб., в Тюмень (Ханты-Мансийск), Прокупка товаров, Оригинальное видение декоративной вазы с пятью горлышками. Необычный аксессуар привлечет внимание и наполнит дом ароматом живых цветов. ... Фирма производитель. M Style. Модель. M-Style Ваза "Bud Vase". Описание. Оригинальное видение декоративной вазы с пятью горлышками.

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Купить оптом дешевые маленький цилиндр керамический бутон цветочная ваза, уникальная цветочная декоративная цветочная ваза для домашнего ...

Пиво Бад (Bud): производитель, виды, крепость – Как правильно ...

29 авг 2018 ... Пиво «Bud» позиционируется как классика американского пивоварения, однако известно далеко за пределами США. Сегодня марка во ...

Красивая ваза🥀 - YouTube

14.07.2018 · Роскошная ваза в стиле барокко из трехлитровой банки ⚜️ Мастер-класс Натальи Удовиной. ... Newspaper flower vase | flower ...

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For your search query Ваза высотой 112см своими руками we have found thousands songs matching your query but showing only top 15 results. Now we recommend you to Convert first result Ваза высотой 112см своими руками and get MP3 MP4 for Offline Watch.

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Купите Ваза "BUD ON BASE" в интернет магазине ForestGum.ru по цене 12 350 руб. с доставкой по Москве и в любой регион России. ... Ваза также доступна в других размерах. Доставка будет произведена курьером, транспортными компаниями, возможен самовывоз по по всей России. Интернет-магазин дизайнерских предметов декора ForestGum предоставляет большой асортимент из .

Миниатюрная ваза Bud — crateandbarrel.com.ru

Миниатюрная ваза Bud очаровывает утонченными изгибами и идеально подходит для небольших букетов. Вазу можно расположить отдельно или в композиции с другими вазами для декора пространства. Арт.: 494194. Миниатюрная ваза. 8,9Шх8,9Дх12,7В • Стекло • Мыть только вручную • Произведено в Польше. Центральный офис

Торговая компания Безант-M

Вазы · Декоративные букеты, бутылки · Настенные украшения · Пепельницы · Свечи, подсвечники, лампы · Фоторамки, боксы для фото · Шкатулки.

Новости Мариуполя - главные и свежие новости сегодня на 0629 ...

... 2019 года у желающих принять участие в борьбе за президентское кресло буд. .... Как сообщает корреспондент 0629, автомобиль "ВАЗ-2109" сдавал ... В Top Style Academy VG открыта ТОП-вакансия – помощник руководителя в ...

Почему вы устаете от езды в ваз 2107 (семерка)? - Форум - Drom.ru

14 окт. 2012 г. - То есть то, что получается, это как буд-то человек в течении всей поездки подвергается электромагнитному облучению. То есть как ...

8000 основных английских слов для свободного владения

Форум по программе TrueShop Для того, чтобы свободно читать или разговаривать по-английски ...

Online Shopping Bangladesh for Original Watches.

Словари и энциклопедии на Академике. Все языки Абхазский Адыгейский Азербайджанский Аймара Айнский язык Акан Албанский Алтайский Английский Арабский Арагонский Армянский Арумынский Астурийский Африкаанс Багобо Баскский Башкирский Белорусский Болгарский Бурятский Валлийский Варайский Венгерский Вепсский Верхнелужицкий Вьетнамский Гаитянский Греческий Грузинский Гуарани Гэльский Датский Долганский Древнерусский язык Иврит Идиш Ингушский...

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Купить вазы с бесплатной доставкой по России. Более 9221 моделей в наличии | Страница 16. ... Ваза настольная M Style ..... Ваза "Bud Vase" M Style.

Ваза для цветов "Сидней", Flower vase

Ваза для цветов "Сидней" - прозрачная ваза идеальных линий по доступной цене в ИМ Хрустальный мир. Большой выбор ваз из хрусталя с доставкой до двери! ... Flower vase. Нет отзывов об этом товаре. ...

Весна пришла, а с ней — и радость в дом! - Будь в форме

15 апр. 2016 г. - Для этого вам понадобится любая ваза, длинные и тонкие веточки, цветная бумага, клей, дырокол. В создании этого интерьерного ...

M-Style в интернет-магазине в Москве | Ivybush

Ваза «Bud Vase» M-Style. 14 157 ₽ ... Ваза «Planter with Rhinestones» M-Style. 113 254 ... Ваза напольная «Wooden Vase on Stainless Steel Pillar» M-Style.

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Shop Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2. These high performance earphones sound superb and use off-axis tech for optimal fit and comfort. Free Delivery + Warranty!

Вакансии компании AB InBev Efes - работа в …

Производство и Логистика - это подразделение, которое охватывает все процессы изготовления, упаковки и доставки нашей продукции, а также отвечает за качество обслуживания.

lcm Instagram photos and videos - Mexinsta

ВАЗ 2114 наГОСТе - @pltf_auto Instagram Profile | Mexinsta · pltf_auto. 1 27 ..... Comments. @eswoood чо за пиздец, как буд то ее кто то сломал.

bud vase - Decode

bud vase. Код товара: FC19. Статус склада ... Connected products. bud vase18.85 €. bud vase18.85 €. bud vase18.85 €. bud vase18.85 €. bud vase18.85 €. bud vase18.85 €. bud vase18.85 €. bud vase18.85 €. bud vase18.85 €. bud vase18.85 €. classic bouquet vase54.60 €. classic table vase46.80 €.

Ответы Mail.Ru: после замены ремня ГРМ, ВАЗ 21099 как буд то ктото ...

проверни весь механизм ключем до попадания одной из меток (лиго ГРМ илбо коленвала) на место если будешь совмещать метку ГРМ то не пугайся ...

Значок COREYAGI Фрукты Папайя ФР ПА07

Категория: ВАЗЫ Производитель: M-STYLE. Описание. Оригинальное видение декоративной вазы с пятью горлышками. Необычный аксессуар привлечет внимание и наполнит дом ароматом живых цветов. Характеристики. Цены на Ваза #and#quot;Bud Vase#and#quot; Ваза #and#quot;Bud Vase#and#quot; 14 560 руб. Купить в thefurnish. История цены Ваза #and#quot;Bud Vase#and#quot; Фото Ваза #and#quot;Bud Vase#and#quot; Отзывы. Пожалуйста, оставьте Ваш отзыв.

Brogan Bud Ваза - GALERIE 46

Описание: Классический стиль, послуживший вдохновением для создания вазы Brogan Bud, в интерпретации Ralph Lauren носит гордый титул эталона ...

Ваза "bud vase" (M-style) белый пластик 50 см. 17253...

Выбрать и заказать Ваза "bud vase" M-style пластик 50 см. Казахстан 17253 в интернет-магазине The Furnish с доставкой по Казахстану: Алматы Шымкент, Астана, Караганда и др. Огромный огромный ассортимент и лучшие цены для вас! ... Чтобы купить товар ваза "bud vase" (ваза "bud vase" ) в нашем интернет-магазине The Furnish, оформите заказ на сайте или свяжитесь с нашим менеджером по телефону whatsapp: 8-495-545-4402. Уютных Покупок! Напольные вазы.

Скачать ваза Vintage от YUMIA для Симс 4

Оригинальное название - Vintage Flower Vase. Каталог ... Sims3pack.ru » The Sims 4 » Мебель и интерьер » Ваза Vintage от YUMIA. Ваза Vintage от YUMIA {rating-num} / …

Вазы - купить в Санкт-Петербурге. Страница 6. Цены...

Купить Bud в интернет агрегаторе низких цен forum.krasnobalt-sobaka.ru. Ищите самые не высокие цены на Bud, и осуществляйте заказы в любимом интернет магазине. ... Выбери и приобрети Bud в интернет агрегатор товаров - "forum.krasnobalt-sobaka.ru"! Предлагаем на ваш выбор самые низкие цены на Bud. В нашем товарном поисковике самые низкие цены от производителей и поставщиков на Bud и не только.

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Rating: 3.3 - 947 reviews<br />Skullcandy's Off-Axis technology makes these earbuds fit in your ears perfectly as they're made with the shape of the inner ear in mind; The sounds that are ...

Производитель пива Bud стал спонсором ЧМ по футболу в ...

26 окт 2011 ... Производитель Bud продлил контракт на спонсорскую поддержку в том числе и на чемпионат 2022 года, который состоится в Катаре.

ваза высокая in Decorative Vases | eBay

Find ваза высокая from a vast selection of Decorative Vases. Get great deals on eBay! ... 19 см высокая деревянная ваза идеально подходит для сухих цветов и трав. Подержанный. 197,61 руб.

Роскошные Ваза Купить, Сердце Бад Ваза, Смолы...

Роскошные Ваза Купить,Сердце Бад Ваза,Смолы Аксессуары Для Ванной Комнаты Комплект , Find Complete Details about Роскошные Ваза Купить,Сердце Бад Ваза,Смолы Аксессуары Для Ванной Комнаты Комплект,Ваза Купить,Сердце Бад Ваза,Смолы Аксессуары Для Ванной Комнаты Комплект from Glass & Crystal Vases Supplier or Manufacturer-GOLD Acrylic Crafts Display Products Co., Ltd. ... Функция: Ваза на стол. Происхождение товара: Guangdong, China (Mainland).

Пиво "Bud" и "Budweiser" - одно и то же? - Pikabu

17 май 2016 ... Во время сухого закона производитель пива Бад идет на ... Будвайзер ( Budweiser, Budweiser Budvar, Bud и Budějovický Budvar) — марки ...

Будь рядом со мной мой спутник жизни / Saath …

Сериалы с высоким рейтингом. Без защиты / Bepannaah (2018) Индия (5,00 out of 5) Черно-белая любовь / Siyah Beyaz Ask (2017) Турция (5,00 out of 5)

Nordwind Airlines. Самолеты, отзывы, …

Авиакомпания «Nordwind» основана в 2008 году. Порт приписки — московский аэропорт «Шереметьево».

Интерьерные вазы для цветов, купить декоративную вазу...

Ваза может даже рассказать о том, что букет, помещенный в нее, сособым значением и был подарен от всей души или от всего сердца! Она может быть совершенно не похожей ни на что, даже собственно на цветочную вазу, а то и вовсе превращать в вазу любую подходящую емкость вплоть до обычной банки из-под варенья. ... То была вроде не редакторская статья, а в блогах. И только одна ваза присутсвует в обеих статьях, если я правильно помню. АЛЕКСА25 |20 мая 2015, 13:53 | #.

Комплектующие для бачка унитаза, купить …

Купить всю необходимую арматуру для бачка унитаза, не потратив для этого много времени, всегда можно в нашем интернет-магазине Bud-line по весьма приятным ценам.

Тренд недели: эко-стиль | ELLE Decoration

Ваза Burt, Gianfranco Ferré Home, шоу-рум Gianfranco Ferré Home, www. gianfranco- ferrehome.it ... Ваза Circular Bud, Moser, «Дом Фарфора».

3d модели: Декоративный набор - …

vase_deer_pottery sina najafi 3dsMax 2013 + obj (Vray+Corona) 76.75 MB; 2019.03.19 18:42

Геометрическая ваза-подсвечник | Дизайн | Pinterest | Vase, Design ...

Геометрическая ваза-подсвечник Vase Ideas, Porcelain Vase, Pottery Art, Industrial ... Faceture bud vase/candleholder five hand-cast candle holders by Phil ...

Современная ваза / из стекла / из мрамора - CANAAN - Jonathan ...

Our Canaan Bud Vase makes even baby buds seem bold. The pared down and polished mix of solid black and white marble packs maximum style into a ...

Linhuipad disposable single side earbud 1 bud …

Ваза Bud Vase. Артикул: 17253. Описание: Оригинальное видение декоративной вазы с пятью горлышками. Необычный аксессуар привлечет внимание и наполнит дом ароматом живых цветов.

Буд - Транспорт - OLX.ua

Буд OLX.ua. ... ДЗВОНІТЬ В БУДЬ-ЯКИЙ ЧАС ВАЗ 2110 8 кл, не варена, не гнила, гарнеАВТО. Легковые автомобили » ВАЗ. 82 308 грн. Овруч Вчера 13: ...

Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2 Earphones - YouTube

22 Oct 2016 - 16 min - Uploaded by sutatsUnboxing the Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2 Earphones in Spaced Out Clear/Black. A closeup ...

Flora Capensis

Uonocarpodendron folio rigido angusto, etc., Воет. Ind. Pl. Hort. туф-Ваз. ii. ... Brown ! bud/wig ! ... in. long excluding the styles, up to l in. in diam.; peduncles rarely over 3 lin. long, obconical, very stout upwards, densely covered with ovate or ...

Классицизм сейчас – это дорогой стиль. Он включает колонны ...

13 мая 2018 г. - ... картины на стенах, старинные часы, статуи и дорогие вазы. Берёт начало стиль во Франции, когда создавались королевские покои.

Pro Стиль — Интересное о сувенирах

При условии, что в наличии есть кусочек мела, а эти вазы - из серии Chalkboard Bud Vase. Дизайнерская ваза не предназначена для букетов или ...

Budweiser (Anheuser-Busch) — Википедия

Производитель, Anheuser-Busch. Сайт, budweiser.com · Commons-logo.svg Budweiser (Anheuser-Busch) Bud на Викискладе. Рейтинг. Название, Budweiser. RateBeer.com, 1.46 из 5 звёзд. BeerAdvocate.com, 2.43 из 5 звёзд. Budweiser ([ˈbʌdwaɪzər]) — пиво низового брожения, светлый лагер, один из самых ...

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Rating: 4.2 - 1,720 reviews<br />Buy Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2 Headset with Mic for Rs.1999 Online, Also get Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2 Headset with Mic Specs & Features. Only Genuine ...

Купить Вазы и чаши, Ваза декоративная GO Style

Ваза декоративная "GO Style" — ваш заказ. Имя: Телефон: Комментарий: Пожалуйста, укажите ваше имя и телефон, чтобы мы могли связаться с вами. Оформить заказ. В закладки. ... Описание. Ваза декоративная "GO Style" 40 см. Характеристики. Характеристики. Высота. 40 см. Материал. керамика.

Marina Budnik Fashion Designer - Главная | Facebook

Новинка от Woodi Furniture — объемная ваза в стиле 50-х, яркая и запоминающаяся.Подробнее. 9 750руб. Купить. ... Ваза #and#quot;Bud Vase#and#quot; Цена - от 14 560 руб. Купить.

Строим будущее вместе!

Компания «МЕГАИНВЕСТСТРОЙ» – это воплощенная мечта сделать родной город неповторимым и ярким, это желание подарить людям радость комфортной жизни и удовольствие

Многофункциональная ваза Chalkboard Bud Vase

Ваза Chalkboard Bud Vase выполнена с дерева, но в средине есть стеклянная колба в которою нужно наливать воду для живых цветов. С помощью специальных крепежей ее можно установить как на стол, так и повесить на стену. Эти статьи так же будут Вам интересны.

AYNSLEY 18cm (7.5") BUD VASE WILD TUDOR DESIGN | eBay | ... А ...

AYNSLEY 18cm (7.5") BUD VASE WILD TUDOR DESIGN | eBay. ... Royal Copenhagen Бат ваза с двумя креплениями Антон Michelsen. Ваза подписан с ...

Запасное колесо - магазин шин и дисков в Саратове

Интернет-магазин шин (резины) и дисков! Цените безопасность на дороге? - Купите шины и диски в надежном шинном центре! Подбор шин онлайн.

Bud conrad profiting from the worlds economic crisis finding investment. AYNSLEY 18cm (7.5") BUD VASE WILD TUDOR DESIGN | eBay | ... А ...

AYNSLEY 18cm (7.5") BUD VASE WILD TUDOR DESIGN | eBay. ... Royal Copenhagen Бат ваза с двумя креплениями Антон Michelsen. Ваза подписан с ...

Производитель товара ПИВО "BUD", СВЕТЛОЕ ... - GoodsMatrix.ru

Пиво "Bud", светлое, пастеризованное, 0,5 л. ПРЕДУПРЕЖДАЕМ О ВРЕДЕ ЧРЕЗМЕРНОГО ... Производитель: ОАО "САН ИнБев". Адрес: 141600, Россия ...

Модный Приговор — Интерактив — РЕТРО-СТИЛЬ

Про розы я тоже думала, что надо поставить в вазу. У меня есть из ... Просто шикарно! Молодец Алла!!! и обработка фото как буд то тех времен!!!

Цены и прайс на ... - ikar-bud.org.ua

Самые низкие цены на рынке ремонтно-строительных работ. Опыт работы более 20 лет! Звоните прямо сейчас!

7ct Radiant Flower-Bud Side Stone Engagement Ring in...

21 Best Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Reflect Your Style. Bathroom Mirror Wall Washroom Modern Bathroom Tile Mirror Vanity Bathroom Grey Minimalist Bathroom Family Bathroom Downstairs Bathroom Wall Tile. Looking in the mirror could be a fundamental part of a day-to-day routine. ... IKEA's products were mainly used to decorate and style the farmhouse modern bathroom. Remodelaholic. Bathrooms.

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Ваза Bud Vase M-Style 17253. 14 590 ₽. Все вазы в The Furnish.

Восточной Средиземноморский Стиль Яркие Цвета Бутон ...

Восточной Средиземноморский Стиль Яркие Цвета Бутон Стеклянная Ваза,Набор Из 4 , Find Complete Details about Восточной Средиземноморский ...

Декоративная ваза M-Style 4148809

Декоративная ваза M-Style 4148809. Отзывов написать отзыв. 14590 руб. Купить. При нажатии вы будете перенаправлены на сайт магазина-продавца для окончания оформления заказа. Производитель:M-Style. ... Декоративная ваза от thefurnish. Яркая, сияющая оттенками и моментально привлекающая взгляд, эта коллекция ваз по праву носит имя самого знаменитого в мире клуба, с которого начал сво Купить. M-Style. 122990руб. Декоративная ваза 11496619.

Американский "Budweiser" и украинский "Bud" | Украинский ...

1 июн 2018 ... 2) Bud Производитель: Харьковское отделение ПАТ «СанИнБев Украина», г. Харьков, Украина. ТТХ: алкоголь не менее 4.8% об.

M-Style Ваза "bud Vase", Все Для Дома Королёв

M-Style Ваза "bud Vase", Все Для Дома Королёв. По самым лучшим ценам

floral stained glass Window & Glass Sticker • Pixers® • We live to ...

Illustration in stained glass style with flowers, buds and leaves of roses on a ..... в фиолетовый вазы и фрукты на синем фоне — стоковая иллюстрация # ...

Призы акции «Дикси» «Билет в кино»

Splat (7) Sprite (1) Stabilo (4) Starbucks (1) Staropramen (35) Stella Artois (6) Stellary (2) Style (7) Sula (13) Sun (5) SUNLIGHT (207) Surf Discovery (1) Swarovski (1) Swell (2) Syoss (8) Taft (16) Tassimo (15) Teana (3) Tele.ru (1) Tele2 (9) Ten Strike (2) TENA (4) Tess (28) Tetra (4) Tetra Pak (5) Teva (1) ThermaCare (2) Thomas Munz (1).

Skullcandy Smokin Buds 2 Earbuds Review | - Headphones Lab

Rating: 3.9 - 572 reviews<br />17 Sep 2018 ... VERDICT. Skullcandy Smokin Buds 2 in-ear headphones are all about style and presentation. With their transparent case, beautiful color ...

КальянМир: Интернет-магазин кальянов

У нас на сайте предоставлен большой ассортимент кальянов, аксессуаров, табака, угля. Сигары известных марок, а также электронные сигареты и ...

Сергей Бурунов — фильмы — КиноПоиск

Полтора рыцаря: В поисках похищенной принцессы Херцелинды (2008) 1 1/2 Ritter - Auf der Suche nach der hinreißenden Herzelinde ...

Ваза "Bud Vase" » Бизнес журнал "Сфера" - каталог новых...

Оригинальное видение декоративной вазы с пятью горлышками. Необычный аксессуар привлечет внимание и наполнит дом ароматом живых цветов. Оригинальное видение декоративной вазы с пятью горлышками.

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bud vases wedding отличного качества с бесплатной доставкой по всему миру на ... 2 шт. завод Тесты трубки бутон цветка ваза в деревянной подставке ...

Пиво. Частное мнение профессионального …

Продолжаю чешские заметки, хотя сегодня про Австрию. У нас выдался день, когда на дегустациях в Будеёвице ничего интересного не было и мы со Славой Ветелевым решили отправится в Линц.

DOM.RIA – Современный стиль в интерьере

20 июл. 2018 г. - Это могут быть и вазы, и электронные фоторамки, и различные яркие книги, ... Компания «Интергал-Буд» получила от Конфедерации ...

Budella (Blue Skies) — Buddy Rich | Last.fm

Мы рекомендуем первую песню под названием Easy Hair Style for Long Hair TOP 31 Amazing Hairstyles Tutorials Compilation 2018 Part 183.mp3 с качеством 320 кбит/с. ... Wiz Khalifa X Tm88 Where Is Da Bud Instrumental. Total Wipeout Series 3 Episode 5. Snow The Last Gnar Part 1.

Anemones круглая ваза - vases*anemones-bud-vase...

Anemones круглая ваза. На складе 48300.00 48 300.00 р. Без НДС: 48 300.00 р. В корзину. Производитель: Lalique Доступность: На складе Форма/Декор: Артикул: vases*anemones-bud-vase*gold-luster. Описание. Характеристики.

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На kozlovalex.ru Вы можете купить M Style Ваза Bud Vase по выгодной цене. ... M Style Ваза Bud Vase. (точная фраза в названии). Показывать товаров по: 10, 20, 50, 100.

Наиболее употребительные английские слова ТОР 1-2500.

Список наиболее часто употребляемых английских слов top 1-2500. Слова расположены по частоте ...

Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2 In-Ear Audio Earbud: Amazon.co.uk ...

Rating: 3.8 - 409 reviews<br />Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2 In-Ear Audio Earbud Headphones with In-Line Microphone - Spaced Out/Clear/Black. ... This item:Skullcandy Smokin' Buds 2 In-Ear Audio Earbud Headphones with In-Line Microphone - Spaced Out/Clear…. ... Skullcandy S2FXHX-476 Bombshell Women's In-Ear Headphones ...

Кованые перила и ... - man-bud.kiev.ua

Замер и консультация бесплатно, гарантия от 5 лет.Осуществляем доставку и установку: Киев, Одесса, Харьков, а также по другим регионам Украине.

Пижамы для беременных 2018/2019 – каталог, где купить...

Han edition of bud silk printing confined take three-piece cotton lactation pajamas big yards maternity clothes in summer. 3333.33 руб. ➟ Tmall Aliexpress. Han edition of bud silk printing confined take three-piece cotton lactation pajamas big yards maternity clothes in summer. ×. Закрыть. ... 2018 spring palace style maternity loose fit pajamas floral lace cotton sleepwear for pregnant women pregnanancy night gown. 3464.58 руб. ➟ Tmall Aliexpress.

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Посмотрите коллекцию «Вазы в стиле Барокко.» пользователя v2542445 в Яндекс.Коллекциях.

Лучших изображений доски «цветы ЦВЕТЫ»: 138 - Pinterest

Rose Bud with Dew Красивые Розы, Красивые Цветы, Красота, Роза Пустыни, ..... Алтарные Цветы, Шёлковые Цветочные Композиции, Установка Вазы,.

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Пешая групповая прогулка в темпе протяженностью 3-5 км вдоль дикого пляжа в сопровождение инструктора. лагерь находится всего в 70-ти метрах от побержья.


Каждую секунду на Земле в 80 странах мира, на 5 континентах продается 120 литров BUD. Благодаря всемирно известному уникальному сочетанию ...

Bud (Россия)

Список различных марок и видов пива от производителей разных стран с описанием, характеристиками, рейтингом и отзывами. ... Bud (Россия). Россия ...

Stephen Bodybobton Antwi C Outward Foreign Direct Investment Impact on Economic Growth in Developing Countries. Empirical Evidence from Ghana

Research Paper (undergraduate) from the year 2012 in the subject Economics - Case Scenarios, Xiamen University, language: English, abstract: Foreign direct investment (FDI) is one of the economic growth stimulus due to its associated variables such as capital investment, technical know-how, knowledge transfer and managerial competence required for economic growth. In the last decade, China has emerged on the international financial scene as both financier and investment partner to African economies. Many African economies such as the oil producing and exporting ones have witnessed streams of China's FDI in their economies whereas non-oil exporting ones have accessed some of China's FDI in selective sectors. This paper aims at investigating the relationship between China's FDI and economic growth in Ghana measured by real average annual domestic product (GDP) per capita growth for the period 2001-2010. By using ordinary least squares (OLS) regression model, the result indicates that China's FDI has negative significant effect on Ghana's economic growth. However, it exerts different effects on value added in the three economic sectors.

2002 РУБ



Gakigi Mwangi, Njeru Agnes Investment Clubs. A Study On Their Performance

Investment Clubs have gained great popularity in Kenya with many people pooling resources to invest jointly for greater investment returns. Investment Clubs give meaning to both social and economic relationships of the members. Investment Clubs:A Study on Their Performance provides valuable insights into this sub sector of the Kenyan economy that continues to contribute greatly to the economic and social well being of millions of people.

5489 РУБ



Eva-Maria Betz Socially Responsible Investment

Bachelor Thesis from the year 2009 in the subject Business economics - Investment and Finance, grade: 1,7, European School of Business Reutlingen (Hochschule Reutlingen), language: English, abstract: The ecologic crisis of our Planet is foreseeable. Making money with it, or even better making money by preventing the disaster, will sell. This thesis shall evaluate the effectiveness of environmentally friendly investments and provide an outlook on future perspectives. The topic has become very popular due to a general reorientation to ethical values and particularly, because of the questionable ethical behavior of many financial players in the current world economic crisis. The indicators reveal a strong and continuous growth in the market of environmentally friendly investments. For this reason, the financial sector now copes with the topic more intensively. Whether this leads to improvements for investors through stronger performance or for managers of sustainable projects due to better financial conditions depends on the developments of standardization and the quality assessment processes. This work starts with the clearing of uncertainties related to the core terminology and presents the numerous investment possibilities with their corresponding ecological impact. The main challenge the environmentally friendly investment market is facing, is the need for more transparency; in the assessment criteria and their weighting, in methods, and in the application of funds. Subseque...

4627 РУБ



Pat Dorsey The Little Book That Builds Wealth. Knockout Formula for Finding Great Investments

In The Little Book That Builds Wealth, author Pat Dorsey—the Director of Equity Research for leading independent investment research provider Morningstar, Inc.—reveals why competitive advantages, or economic moats, are such strong indicators of great long-term investments and examines four of their most common sources: intangible assets, cost advantages, customer-switching costs, and network economics. Along the way, he skillfully outlines this proven approach and reveals how you can effectively apply it to your own investment endeavors.

1994.25 РУБ



Verena Mai Resilience of European welfare regimes against the negative impacts financial crisis 2008

Bachelor Thesis from the year 2012 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Region: Western Europe, grade: 1,0, Vienna University of Economics and Business (Institut für Sozialpolitik), language: English, abstract: The financial crisis, which struck the EU countries in 2008, was followed by the severest economic recession since the end of the Second World War, involving a significant drop in GDP (negative economic growth) for most of them. Output growth has turned negative or stagnated in several countries, the impact on labour markets has led to rising unemployment rates and public debt and deficits have soared. In the aftermath of the crisis countries were confronted with a deteriorating social context, which is due to the severity of the economic downturn, the worsening job situation and the increased unemployment. This has resulted in a heightened need for social protection while at the same time making it more difficult to finance. The crisis has highlighted the role of social protection as a social buffer and an economic stabilizer that cushions the impact of recessions. Social benefits have been an essential element of national crisis response in the countries of the European Union. Social security programmes not only act as an important component of the crisis „exit strategy", helping to revitalize the economy but they also protect the most vulnerable part of society. One of the lessons that can be learned from the crisis is that countries and their inha...

6352 РУБ



Lisa Schmidt Food security and the crisis of new millennium

Seminar paper from the year 2014 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: Development Politics, , language: English, abstract: The paper analyses the global challenges of the new millennium: The food price crisis, the financial and economic crisis as well as the ecological crisis. The crisis affect the world´s population, but in some regions such as South Asia or Sub-Saharan Africa, the impacts are disastrous. Food security is threatened and poverty and inequality increase. Achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which among other things tend to halve between 1990 and 2015 the proportion of people who suffer from hunger and malnutrition, is moving further away. These developments and current challenges are of serious concern and an opportunity for change.

2164 РУБ



Alemayehu Tsadkan The Nexus Between Public Spending and Economic Growth in Ethiopia

This study investigates the nexus between public spending and economic growth in Ethiopia (1971-2010) using an Autoregressive Distributed Lag Model or Bound Testing Approach. In order to determine the direction of causality between public spending and economic growth, Toda and Yamamato (1995) augmented Granger causality test is used. The outcome of the study revealed that, the growth impact of government consumption expenditure in Ethiopia during the study period was negative and significant. However, that of investment spending was positive and significant both in the short run and in the long run, showing the relevance of public physical investment activities to the economy. The test of causality, however, indicated that there was a unidirectional causality running from economic growth to aggregate public spending.

10127 РУБ



Николай Игнатьевич Конюхов Economic crisis: who is to blame and what do

This book reveals the interconnection of the economic crisis and the cyclic process of the changes of the relations in the elite and the economically active population of such psychotypes as social motivator (all the attention is paid to the system of the interpersonal relationships) and the domain expert (all the attention is paid to the domain activity). The cyclical process of the change of the relations of such psychotypes is connected with the cycles of the solar activity and cycles of the economic development.

299 РУБ



Smaro Boura The social impact of the crisis on youth unemployment. Comparative study Spain and Greece

The book examines the socio-economic dynamics of the current economic crisis that have affected Southern European countries in general, particularly Greece and Spain. These dynamics have caused considerable effects in social, political and cultural level and have influenced the marginalised populations of both countries. This review tries to examine the social impact of the crisis on youth unemployment in Greece and Spain with particular focus on graduates of tertiary education and the constraints of labour market occurred due to the economic and political upheavals followed by the crisis. The increasing levels of unemployment, together with accumulative poverty phenomena and future uncertainty has direct implications on psychological well-being and triggers the danger of social and economic exclusion as has been investigated in the study. A further examination includes the political governance in national and European level during the crisis which have shaped the views of youth unemployed populations in both countries and occurred a shift from traditional politics.

8202 РУБ



Bill George Seven Lessons for Leading in Crisis

One of the countrys most trusted leaders offers time-tested and real world advice for leading in economic hard times From business giant Bill George, the acclaimed author of Wall Street Journals bestseller True North, comes the just-in-time guide for anyone in a leadership position facing todays unprecedented economic challenges. The former CEO of Medtronic draws from his own in-the-trenches experience and lessons from leaders (representing an array of companies) who have weathered tough economic storms. With straight talk and clear directions, George shows leaders specifically what they must do to become strong leaders and survive any crisis. His seven lessons include: Face Reality, Starting with Yourself; Never Waste a Good Crisis; and Be Aggressive: This is Your Best Chance to Win in the Market. Seven Lesson for Leading in Crisis is a survival kit for anyone in a leadership position. A concise handbook for applying proven leadership lessons in tough times Written by Bill George one of Americas most trusted business leaders and author of True North and Authentic Leadership Offers realistic actions leaders can take to put their companies on the right long-term path Seven Lesson for Leading in Crisis gives leaders a solid strategy for staying the course.

1328.83 РУБ



Andreas Hahn Between Presidential Power and Legislative Veto. The Impact of Polity Politics on Economic Reforms in Brazil

Doktorarbeit / Dissertation aus dem Jahr 2013 im Fachbereich Politik - Politische Systeme - Allgemeines und Vergleiche, Universität Duisburg-Essen, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: The pace and scope of the Brazilian economic development in the 1980s and 1990s is intrinsically linked to the wide-ranging discussion of political and economic reform projects. In the wake of the crisis of the import-substitution economic model a wide array of approaches and theories revolved around one basic question: When there occurs a crisis in the economy - whatever definition of crisis may be applied in a particular case - which are the best ways of overcoming anti-reform resistances, regain economic growth and promote sustainable and ―future-approved‖ development? In the most general sense a crisis of the political or economic system can be referred to as two-dimensional: on the one hand it means the shattering and dis-equilibrating of a formerly successful status quo, on the other hand it opens up the necessity to find a new status quo (or status quo post) that can be deemed compatible to the new economic, domestic as well as international, circumstances. In fact, the longer a prosperous status quo lasts, the more difficult a subsequent change will get. Path-dependencies develop, stable institutions arise, group interests and organizations take root and expectations about growth, inflation, external trade and other variables cement into place.

5114 РУБ



Colin Jones Property Boom and Banking Bust. The Role of Commercial Lending in the Bankruptcy Banks

A fascinating analysis of the critical role commercial property investment played in the economic boom and bust during the global financial crisis The unprecedented financial boom stretching from the mid-1990s through 2008 ultimately led to the deepest recession in modern times and one of the slowest economic recoveries in history. It also resulted in the emergence of the draconian austerity policies that have swept across Europe in recent years. Property Boom and Banking Bust offers an expert insight into the complex property market dynamics that contributed to the Great Financial Crisis of 2008 and its devastating economic consequences. It is the first book to focus on a woefully underreported dimension of the crisis, namely, the significant role that lending on commercial property development played in the crisis. Among other key topics, the authors explore the philosophical and behavioral factors that propelled irresponsible bank lending and the property boom; how it led to the downfall of the banks; the impact of the credit crunch on the real estate industry generally in the wake of the financial crisis; the catastrophic effects the property bust had on property investors, both large and small; and how the financial institutions have sought to recover in the wake of the financial crisis. Provides valuable insights into what happened in previous booms and busts, particularly in the 1970s and 1980s, and how they compare with the most recent one Offers an expert assessment of the consequences of the global financial crisis for the banking system and the commercial property industry Examines strategies banks have used to recover their positions and manage the overhang of indebtedness and bad property assets Addresses strategies the real estate industry have used to recover from the collapse in property values Written in an accessible style, and featuring numerous insider case accounts from property bankers, Property Boom and Banking Bust disentangles the complex, tightly-woven factors that led to the Great Financial Crisis of 2008, while offering powerful lessons for property industry professionals on how to avoid having history repeat itself.

8489.44 РУБ



Hussein Alasrag Global Financial crisis and Islamic finance

The world economy is currently facing a severe global crisis that has spilled from the financial sector to the real economy. The crisis can be traced back to July 2007 with the liquidity crisis due to the loss of confidence in the mortgage credit markets in the United States. The hope was that the crisis would be restricted to financial markets, with few repercussions on the real economy and the rest of the world. This hope was shattered in September 2008 as the crisis entered an acute phase, with strong downward fluctuations in the stock markets, substantially reduced rates of economic growth, and accompanied by increases in unemployment. The severity of this crisis has led to the evaluation of the foundations of the capitalist financial system and the search for ideas and solutions.Islamic economists contend that Islamic finance has an alternative that would prevent the recurrence of a similar crisis. This paper tries to note the main causes and the impacts of the financial and economic crisis.In addition to discuss the belief that the Islamic finance is a viable alternative to the ailing global financial system.

8777 РУБ



Sven Adrian Turnaround Management. Adjusting the Marketing Mix to Challenges of Process

Bachelor Thesis from the year 2011 in the subject Business economics - Marketing, Corporate Communication, CRM, Market Research, Social Media, grade: 1,8, University of Applied Sciences Essen, language: English, abstract: As one effect of the global economic crisis beginning in 2007, many companies suffered from strong decreases of incoming orders. At the same time, banks went over to a reserved willingness to grant credits, out of concerns about bankruptcies of debtors. This led to the result that companies were not able to meet liabilities that were incurred during the prior phase of economic upswing. For some companies, this chain of events led to a massive decrease of solvency, possibly resulting in a bankruptcy. But concerning other companies, the worsening of their economic situation was just accelerated by the economic crisis. The main reason for their company crisis was the fact that severe mismanagement had occurred in the past.Mismanagement often is the cause of a so-called strategic crisis. This means that the general market orientation of a company is inadequate. However the problem with this is that it cannot be detected at first sight, and therefore often no countermeasures are taken in order to avoid a negative development. The strategic crisis can then develop into an earnings crisis. In this stage, the indicators that certain things are going wrong within the company are more significant and measurable within the company's figures. If countermeasures are ...

4527 РУБ



Tanning Lembo, Toivo The Economic Crisis Lessons of Europe

This book represents a comprehensive analysis of key development indicators of the enterprises in total non-financial business economy, manufacturing, construction and transport before and after the European economic crisis. The aim of this book is to analyze how the companies overcome the economic crisis and how to increase the competitiveness of Europe? What are the European economic crisis lessons? How to save the European economy? Based on this and previous publications of the authors we will offer a number of generalized recommendations. This book is designed specifically for the management, economists and engineers of enterprises, policy makers, researchers and students, who have an interest and a need to explore non-financial enterprises problems. This book is for those, who are interested in the causes of the economic crisis and development of European enterprises. The study is intended for all broad-minded people, those interested in around us world and Europe, but especially economics.

8427 РУБ



Egon Harings The Great Age of Angela Merkel

Germany in the years 2008 to 2016. It's the era of Angela Merkel. But it is also the time of crises; there are the economic crisis, the Greek crisis, the refugee crisis and the New Year's Eve in Cologne with sexual harassment of women by male refugees. And not to forget the British Referendum on Brexit.

2377 РУБ



David Sussman Investment Project Design. A Guide to Financial and Economic Analysis with Constraints

Make more informed project investment decisions by knowing what issues to examine in the planning process and how to analyze their impacts Poor or insufficient planning is primarily responsible for the inordinate number of idle and rusting capital facilities around the world, with investment decisions often made on the basis of either intuition or inadequate analysis. Investment Project Design: A Guide to Financial and Economic Analysis with Constraints alerts potential investors and other stakeholders to precipitous changes in the investment milieu as a result of constraints on resources and infrastructure, economic and political turmoil, and population growth. The guide Includes descriptions of specific methods of financial and economic analysis for new investments and for expansion of an existing enterprise Covers project risk assessment, mitigation and avoidance Provides real-life case studies, adapted for presentation, and addresses the design of projects large and small, as well as those in both private and public sectors Features spreadsheet layouts and computations Investment Project Design is the ultimate resource in the methods of designing and appraising investment projects

5661.7 РУБ



José Luis León-Manríquez, Theresa Moyo The Global Financial and Economic Crisis in the South. Impact Responses

This book is the outcome of a South-South conference jointly organized by the Asian Political and International Studies Association (APISA), the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO) and the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) in Dakar, Senegal, May 2012. The conference was organised in response to the financial crisis of 2008 which started in the United States and Europe, with reverberating effects on a global scale. Economic problems emanating from such crises usually leave major social and structural impacts on important sectors of the society internationally. They affect living standards and constrain the well-being of people, especially in poor countries. Persistent problems include high unemployment, increased debt and low growth in developed countries, as well as greater difficulties in accessing finance for investment in the developing world. There is a need for countries in the South to examine the available options for appropriate national and regional responses to the different problems emanating from the economic crisis.This book attempts to provide ideas on some strategic responses to the disastrous impact of the crisis, while keeping in mind the global common interest of the South. It is hoped that the book will contribute significantly towards the agenda to rethink development and the quest for alternative paradigms for a just, stable and equitable global political, economic and social system. A system in whi...

6264 РУБ




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